north star village values


Aging by the Numbers

In 2008, the average cost of a home health aide for a single person was $19 per hour. Assisted-living facilities fees were about $3,008 per month. The median monthly cost for nursing home care in 2009 was $5,243—more than five times that for seniors living at home. — National Aging in
Place Council

Current estimates suggest that almost 75% of the Boomers don’t have the retirement savings to move to a facility even if they wanted to.
New School for Social Research


Our Mission

North Star Village is a caring community that supports members to remain in their homes safely and affordably and encourages social connections promoting healthy, vibrant and meaningful living.  Our motto: Thrive at home with peace of mind.

Our Vision

A mutually supportive community of members will enjoy life to the fullest with confidence, dignity, security and self-respect in their own homes for as long as they are able.

Our Values       

Inclusion—We respect and welcome all people and honor their dignity and independence.

Volunteerism—Volunteers are the heart of our organization.  We value volunteers’ expertise and life experiences, appreciate their commitment of time and energy, respect their time limitations and strive to ensure that their volunteer work is meaningful.

Communication—We invite open and candid communication and welcome members’ input on all aspects of Village processes and projects.  Meetings are open to all members.

Collaboration—We collaborate on committees, projects and with the community-at-large.  We strive to build consensus so that decisions and actions have wide support.  We recognize that success over time depends on respect, interdependence and a caring commitment to each other.

Transparency—We are honest in our financial dealings and responsive to questions and concerns.  All members have access to meeting minutes and information on policies, decisions and matters under consideration.

Privacy—We take seriously the privacy of our members and anyone who entrusts us with information.  We do not share personal or contact information with any outside group without prior permission.

Consumer Protection—We value the trust and security of our members by carefully choosing vendors and service providers who will deliver timely, honest and fair professional home repairs and other services.

Lasting Community—North Star Village is committed to being viable for generations to come.  We recognize that we can shape our future by fostering a caring, interdependent community and demonstrating flexibility in responding to a changing world.