Aging by the Numbers

Life expectancy exceeds safe driving expectancy after age 70 by about six years for men and 10 years for women.  Yet, 41% of seniors do not feel that the transportation support in their community is adequate. Having access to adequate public transportation or other senior transportation services is key to seniors’ accessing programs and resources, as well as their feelings of connectedness and independence.— National Council on Aging

A 2009 study reported that seniors who feel lonely and isolated are more likely to report also having poor physical and/or mental health. Connecting seniors with resources such as senior centers and meal delivery programs, is one way to combat subjective feelings of isolation.— National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project

Services & Membership

“Villages do               as much as possible for as little cost as practicable
for as long as feasible.”

Courtesy: Villages NW

North Star Village will offer a variety of services to its members. These services will be based on the needs of older adults living within the North Star Village service area. 

The services provided by North Star Village can be grouped into the following three categories, described in more detail below: volunteer services (neighbors helping neighbors), social and cultural activities, and vendor services.

Volunteer Services

Background-checked and trained North Star Village volunteers will provide a variety of services, including:

Courtesy: Villages NW

Courtesy: Villages NW

  • Social visits (talking, reading, playing games, baking cookies)
  • Telephone calls (weekly check-in, service follow-up conversations)
  • Household tasks (occasional spot cleaning, small repairs, putting away groceries, emptying waste baskets)
  • Organization (mail, decluttering, calendars, phone calls, appointments)
  • Technological support (computers, phones, home electronics)
  • Yard and garden care (raking, watering, pruning, yard debris collection)
  • Short term pet care (walking, feeding, changing litter box)
  • Minor maintenance (clearing walkways, changing light bulbs, taking trash to curb)
  • Running errands (picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping)
  • Accompany to appointments and activities (doctors, market, walks)
  • Transportation by volunteers trained as drivers (grocery store, doctor’s office, North Star Village and other activities)
  • Seasonal home tasks (getting out/store winter/summer clothing, turning mattresses, setting up holiday decorations
  • Opportunities to be trained and serve as a volunteer within North Star Village and in the community

To learn more about how you can become a volunteer, please contact us.                                                                                      Top

Social & Cultural Activities

  • Social events: Come to informal lunches, coffees, parties and special interest groups (such as exercise, travel, bunco and bridge...)
  • Art & performances: Join us for concerts, plays, music, museum and garden visits
  • Literature and learning: Take part in book talks, book clubs, library programs, lectures, author presentations
  • Travel: Venture out with day trippers to Portland area parks and attractions, the Oregon coast, and more

Programs will grow and change all the time to accommodate members. Some programs are discounted, others are free.     Top

Courtesy: Villages NW

Courtesy: Villages NW

Vendor Services

For more professional support, high-quality preferred service providers will be available who have been carefully vetted by North Star Village or Villages NW (note that services received from fine and trusted companies may sometimes be discounted). Vendor services will include the following:

  • Age-friendly remodeling (upgrades)
  • Car repair
  • Chimney repair and cleaning
  • Decluttering/downsizing services
  • Electrical services
  • Gutter repair and cleaning
  • Painting (exterior and interior)
  • Plumbing services
  • Roofing
  • Yard maintenance                                                             Top

Membership Levels

Membership fees will be determined once North Star Village is closer to launch and has established an operational budget. Two levels of membership will be offered:

  • Member Plus—Entitles a person to participate in all services and activities outlined above. 

North Star Village values inclusion; this includes those living with disabilities or chronic illnesses and persons with low income. A limited number of scholarships for Member Plus memberships will be awarded to qualifying members who can pay a percentage of the annual fee. The Village will raise funds annually for these scholarships.

  • Member—Gives access to vetted professional home service businesses and the opportunity to engage with their Village community through social, cultural, educational and wellness programs and activities.  

Membership fees will not be discounted for those Village members who choose to volunteer.                                           Top

Membership Criteria

Age—Membership is open to all persons 18 years and older. This will allow Members of all ages to join North Star Village and persons living with chronic illnesses or disabilities to take advantage of the services and programs provided to Member Plus memberships.

Residence—Persons who live within the service area may join our Village. Neighbors living on streets that form the boundary between North Star Village and Northeast Village PDX may choose which Village they wish to join. This provision allows friends who live on either side of the boundary street to be members of the same Village. 

Capacity for living independently—Village members must be:

  • Responsible for and capable of making key decisions about their own lives.
  • Living in a residence that presents no known threats to health or safety.
  • Self-sufficient in meeting personal care needs either through self-care or arrangements with a personal care giver.
  • Enrolled in a medical coverage/plan and have an identified medical provider (doctor/clinic/neighborhood health facility).
  • Willing to provide advance contact information of a family member, friend, or other person whom the Village is permitted to contact in case of emergency.                        Top
 Courtesy: Monterey Bay Village

 Courtesy: Monterey Bay Village