Aging by the Numbers

Nationally, by 2050 there will be more than 88 million folks 65-plus, with the fastest growing cohorts the “oldest-old” segments of 80-plus. Of those who turned 65 in 2011, 20 percent will live to age 90, and one in every 50 boomer women will reach 100. — Census Bureau
More than 89% of older adults reported that they want to age in their own homes and neighborhoods. This is particularly true of the Boomers who visited their grandparents in “old age homes.”  — AARP study



Villages NW–Our Mother Ship

North Star Village is a proud member of the Villages NW Village Network, a collective group of spoke Villages in development in the greater Portland Metro area, organized under the auspices of our parent nonprofit hub, Villages NW, a 501c3 organization. 


Villages NW serves as an incubator for community-based, grassroots spoke Villages.  The hub nurtures local Villages through mentoring and administrative support, resources and connections to regional agencies, businesses, and community service organizations serving older adults living independently.  To learn more about the local Village Movement, go to Villages NW.


To enable more Pacific NW residents to successfully age in place by developing  and nurturing a network of sustainable, community-based Villages throughout the region.


  • Create a strong and extensive hub & spoke Villages network to serve the entire Portland metro-area
  • Provide coaching, resources and financial, hr, administrative and development support to our network of spoke Villages
  • Educate the public about Villages and strategies for successful aging in community
  • Develop new models for community-based collaboration
  • Develop innovative public/private partnerships to facilitate aging in place
  • Create a regional coalition of Villages (beyond the hub & spoke)
  • Support the development of shared housing within Village boundaries
  • Explore applications of the Village model for other targeted populations
  • Negotiate economy of scale purchases & service delivery
  • Develop & advocate for aging in place policy             Top

Bringing Together the Power of the Movement

        Village to Village Network

Villages NW is also the gateway for spoke Villages to access the Village to Village Network,  a national organization connecting local Villages throughout the US and serving as a clearinghouse for information, guidelines and wisdom earned through the experiences of Village volunteers.  For more information, go to the Village to Village Network.